Project Duplicator

Project Duplicator Free

Author Crowdin
Compatible with
  • Crowdin Enterprise

The Project Duplicator application allows you to create a new project based on the existing project's settings. Also, you can select a destination where you'd like to place a new project in your Crowdin Enterprise organization and the desired workflow from your workflow templates.

With the Project Duplicator app, you can copy the following settings of the existing projects:

  • Source language
  • Quality assurance
  • Source strings
  • Translations
  • Translation Memory
  • Notifications
  • Language Mapping

      To install the Project Duplicator app in your Crowdin Enterprise organization, follow these steps:

      1. Open your organization's Workspace, select Marketplace on the Organization menu, type the app's name in the search field or find it manually and click Install.
      2. Select the projects where users will be able to use the app.
      3. Once the app is installed, you'll be able to open Project Duplicator from the Organization menu on your Workspace.