File Management

    Graphics and Assets

    Localize images associated with your product to improve your product’s user experience.

    1. Upload graphics to Crowdin.

    2. Add all the necessary references for a translator to understand how these graphics should be handled.

    3. Wait for translators to upload localized files.

    4. Download the localized graphics and use them in production.

    Custom Services

    Note: Custom services are available only for Organization Plans. Check all pricing options available to choose the most suitable.

    Custom File Formats

    File formats that are not officially supported will be recognized as plain text files (if they have text content) or as graphic assets.

    Our team can add special code to support your original file formats and make sure that translators see only translatable texts instead of the whole file content. With this approach, you can manage custom file formats more effectively.

    Email Crowdin customer success team at to start working with custom file formats in your project.

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    Custom Placeholders

    Crowdin supports all the placeholders typical for the supported file formats. They are all automatically highlighted in the Editor, so translators know that they shouldn’t be translated. Even if translator attempts to save translation with some modified or missing placeholder, enabled QA checks will notify translator about the mistake.

    As various file formats allow the creation of custom placeholders, we can also add a support of the custom ones you use in your project. To request the support of your custom placeholders – email Crowdin customer success team at