Custom File Export
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Custom File Export

Author Crowdin
Compatible with
  • Crowdin
  • Crowdin Enterprise

By default, we export the translations in the same format as the source files. For example, if you upload XML file to Crowdin you’ll have XML file exported.
Our developers can make a special processor if you want to configure custom settings for your file export. Some use cases:

  • You manage both iOS and Android applications. With our help, you can upload just one file format (e.g. XML) to Crowdin and then have 2 separate file types (.xml for Android and .strings for iOS) on export.
  • You upload a key-value file (e.g. JSON) and want to modify it in Crowdin directly. We can temporarily convert your file to CSV file format to allow you adding strings online. The exported file will remain in the original format.

    Get in touch with our support team at and we’ll gladly help you with setting custom export options based on your needs.

    Custom services are available only for Organization Plans. Check all pricing options available to choose the most suitable.