Collection: Machine Translations

Machine translation engines integrated with Crowdin provide translation suggestions from the automatic translation services like Google Translate and AutoML Translation, Microsoft Translate, Yandex.Translate, and more. Suggestions made by machine engines are displayed in the Editor, under the translators’ suggestions field. Also, you can do pre-translation using machine translation engines.
  • Microsoft Translator
    Microsoft Translator
    Cost-effectively make your products and services accessible to a worldwide audience with Microsoft Translator.
  • Google Translate
    Google Translate
    Streamline the localization with a machine translation engine that helps translators work faster and better.
  • Yandex Translate
    Yandex Translate
    Use a statistical machine translation system to get suggestions that are the most relevant for the target language.
  • DeepL Translator
    DeepL Translator
    Expand human possibility and improve the performance of your project contributors with the AI-powered machine translation engine.
  • Watson IBM Language Translator
    Watson IBM Language Translator
    Integrate neural machine translation technology to improve localization speed and translation accuracy.
  • Amazon Translate
    Amazon Translate
    Connect neural machine translation service and help contributors deliver more accurate and natural sounding translations.
  • Google AutoML Translation
    Google AutoML Translation
    AutoML models can learn on your projects and suggest machine translations that are most relevant in your case and use project-specific terminology.