Collection: Translation Agencies

Crowdin cooperates with several professional translation agencies. All the translators are certified linguists and native speakers, who are tutored to work in Crowdin.

  • Alconost
    Alconost provides services for software and game localization as well as translation into 60+ languages. Translations are made by native speaker translators.
  • Inlingo
    Inlingo is a game and app localization studio working in more than 30 language pairs. We'll help you choose a region, make translations, and test them.
  • Tomedes
    Tomedes provides professional translation services with 24/7 support, 1 year guarantee and highly competitive prices.
  • applingua
    Applingua provides native human translations, helping your message reach a global audience in every language. What do you want to say today?
  • Babble-on
    Babble-on asks questions, request context, offer creative solutions for language issues, and even corrects your English typos!
  • Translate by Humans
    Translate by Humans
    Go-to solution for all your localization needs. From mobile-apps, games, to software and websites, get the most natural sounding localization.
  • e2f
    e2f offers localization services with strong focus on mobile & software in 75+ languages. Specializes in continuous translation.
  • Translated
    Professional translation services made easy. Crafted by expert humans and powered by technology to make your continuous localization process fast.
  • Gengo
    Gengo's mission is to provide language services to everyone and connect a global community. The network includes 18K+ qualified translators.
  • ASSERTIO Language Services
    ASSERTIO Language Services
    A tech savvy software localization company with global references mostly in finance and IT, but also in other industries.
    Professional translation services at the speed of your business in over 120 languages. Enjoy an efficient, low-...
  • lingo24
    Make it easy for global companies to work in multiple languages. Lingo24's translation services are efficiently delivered and flexibly priced.
  • Acclaro
    Acclaro delivers professional translation teams to help you achieve strategic localization goals within an agile development environment.
  • WritePath
    WritePath provides the best solutions for IT, software and 3C manufacturers. It is a strong supplier for Asian languages, especially Chinese.
  • Bureau Works
    Bureau Works
    Offer dedicated Project Management, to help clients reduce time to market and actively engage with clients to achieve desired end results.
  • Weblingo
    Web-lingo specialises in South African, African and European language translations. Web-lingo provides translation services to various industries.