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The app allows you to generate a resource files out of translate Crowdin strings.



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This app allows you to create your own simple bundle generator using JavaScript.


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JavaScript code is executed in a sandboxed environment with no access to I/O (file system, network) or external NPM modules.

This application will expose the following variables in the global environment:

  • strings - an array of objects containing all strings that Crowdin has identified as translatable. Please refer to the Developer Portal to learn more about the data structures.
  • projectId - the Crowdin project ID;
  • languageId' - target language Crowdin ID;
  • error - the error message to return. If set, the import will be aborted and the error message will be shown to the user;
  • code - this variable should contain the content (string) of the file to be exported after your code is executed;

Example application

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const result = => {
    return {
        id: s.identifier,
        text: s.translations[languageId].text

content = JSON.stringify(result);

This code exports strings as JSON, an array of objects with two properties, id' and text'.


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File Formats
Works with
  • Crowdin Enterprise

Released on Sep 23, 2023

Updated on Sep 26, 2023

Published by Awesome Crowdin