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The best way to keep your communications multilingual

Install localization with Crowdin

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Translate your content with ease. Setup integration once, define your localization workflow and spend less time managing translations. is a cloud marketing automation system that allows users to send newsletters to selected segments of their customers using data from their website.

Features at a glance

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  • Supports localization of campaigns, newsletters, broadcasts, and transactional messages. Supported message types include Twillio SMS, Slack messages, email, and push notifications.
  • Manual content synchronization before and after translation.
  • Auto-sync of source content and translations.
  • WYSIWYG file preview for translators.
  • Quick sync and translation of even minor content updates, like a new sentence or a changed word.

Integration capabilities and considerations

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There are a few important limitations to keep in mind before using this integration:

  • Translation Selection Limitations: Due to limitations of the API, Crowdin may display more campaign actions in the integration panel than can actually be translated. This includes actions that are not eligible for translation.

  • A/B Testing: does not support multilingual messages in A/B testing.

  • Email Editor Compatibility: Only emails created using the rich text editor or code editor are compatible for translation. Emails created with the drag and drop editor cannot be translated due to the limitation of the API.

  • Locale Configuration: Make sure locales are configured in your actions before uploading translations from Crowdin. If a action does not have a corresponding locale that matches the sync, Crowdin will not be able to create or match it.

  • Newsletter Sync Issues: There is a known issue with that can result in a mismatch between the number of actions displayed for translation and the actual number in Always review and select actions in your source language during synchronization.

  • Non-Translatable Content: Currently, transactional SMS and in-app messages cannot be translated due to limitations in the API. translation connector overview

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Setting up the connector

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After installing the application, you will find it in your project Integrations section.

Follow the instructions on the screen to connect your account.


Manual synchronization

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To import content for translation from, follow these steps:

  1. Open the integration.
  2. In the section (right panel), select the files that should be translated.
  3. Click Sync.

To export translations to, follow these steps:

  1. Open the integration.
  2. In the left section, select the files that will be synced to
  3. Click Sync to


Auto content synchronization

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To automatically import content for translation from choose files and click Scheduled sync in the right panel in the integration. The file you chose will be pushed once at a scheduled time (by default, it is done once a day). The same button is used to export translated files from Crowdin to (in the left panel). You may disable this by clicking Disable Sync.

Crowdin is a platform that helps you manage and translate content into different languages. Integrate Crowdin with your repo, CMS, or other systems. Source content is always up to date for your translators, and translated content is returned automatically.

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Works with
  • Crowdin Enterprise
  • Connectors.Center

Released on Apr 24, 2024

Updated on May 13, 2024

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