Willian Magalhães

Set up Localization processes in Product Teams to improve User Experience.


Willian has been crafting content for digital products for the past seven years. His educational background includes degrees in English Linguistics and Technology, enhanced by a graduation course focused on User Experience Writing. This combination of studies has equipped him with a keen insight into content strategy for tech-based platforms.

His tenure at Quandoo GmbH saw him develop and deploy a localization process from the ground up. This process brought together developers, translators, localization experts, and marketers, all with the goal of ensuring content was perfectly adapted for each market they entered.

If your company is on the lookout for an expert who understands the impact of localization on a user experience perspective, Willian is well-suited to provide that insight.

For more details on Willian's professional background, feel free to view his LinkedIn profile.

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