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Re-import Crowdin project files to apply updated import settings.



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The Force Reimport app for Crowdin allows you to re-import files in your project while keeping your content unchanged. This can be useful when you update import settings such as SRX segmentation rules, update settings in the pre-import processor applications or update file format parser settings.

How it works

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  • Select files: Visit the Tools section of your Crowdin project to select one or more files to reimport. This application also registers a context menu item in the Files section of the Crowdin project.

  • Trigger reimport: Click the Force Re-import button to start the process.

  • Monitor progress: Watch the progress bar and status updates to track the reimport process.

  • View results: Once complete, review the results and any error messages.

Note: The app will add a new line to the contents of the crowdin file and upload it to the crowdin to force a re-import. It will then upload the original file again. This may result in two revisions being created in the Crowdin.


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Selecting Crowdin file for Reimport Reimporting Crowdin file

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Released on Jun 18, 2024

Updated on Jul 9, 2024

Published by Awesome Crowdin