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Translation of spreadsheets with HTML content in cells


Spreadsheet HTML translation with Crowdin

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Many software tools allow for translating content by exporting it into spreadsheets like CSV or XLSX. These spreadsheets may contain cells with entire HTML or XML files, making them difficult to translate without the proper setup.

This app functions as a pre-import and post-export processor. It accepts the spreadsheet, converts it to a suitable file format for this kind of data, and converts it back to the original format upon export.

Getting Started

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When installing the app, select the projects where it will be most useful. Otherwise, the app will pre-process all XLSX and CSV files in all Crowdin projects.


  • After installation, navigate to your project settings, then to File Processors, and locate the app settings.

  • Create a configuration for your project. You will be prompted to filter the spreadsheet files you want to process and set additional options. These options include indicating whether your files have headers and specifying which columns are translatable or should be kept as context.

  • After configuring, you can upload your files and start translating.


The app only works with single-tab XLSX files. If you have multiple tabs, pre-process them manually by splitting them into multiple spreadsheets before translating.

Files are generated on export, meaning metadata such as cell background, cell width, and similar attributes might be lost.

File Format Details

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Attribute Value
File Extension .xlsx, .csv
API Type custom
Source can be edited in Crowdin No
Generating translated files via Bundles Search Crowdin Store
Supports pluralization No
WYSIWYG Preview in the editor Yes
Supported types of contextual information WYSIWYG
Custom attributes No
Existing translations import possibility None

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Released on May 23, 2024

Updated on May 28, 2024

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