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Faster translations with automated micropayments. A/B test rewards for multiple files.

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FynCom Rewards

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Incentivize your community translators to complete translations as quickly as possible. This product makes automated micropayments to your translators on a per-word basis. Rewards are distributed immediately upon approval of translation. Your approvers are also eligible for rewards.

FynCom is a next-gen payment infrastructure for digital communications.

How Rewards Work

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You can test the simplest version of this product. For this, choose one single Reward per Word value for every suggested translation that gets approved. 75% goes to the translator who made the suggestion. 25% goes to the reviewer who approved the suggestion.

Rewards can be as low as $0.00000000001 per word if you wish. Typically, companies choose rewarding values like $0.005 per word, but it depends on your budget and amount of content you want to translate.

Simple Set Up of your FynCom Subscription

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A simple overview of how to start:

  1. Create a FynCom customer account to fund the micropayments and set reward values and input the Crowdin file to reward.
  2. Create a single Rewards Campaign and upload the URL of the file/language you want to test. Note: If you want to try multiple languages and/or a set of files - please send those URLs by email to FynCom developers. For now, you can try a single file and see if it works for you.
  3. Your translators and approvers should create a FynCom User account and input their Crowdin username to receive their rewards.

Detailed Set Up of your FynCom Subscription

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  1. Create a FynCom Subscription. Price starts at $20/month.
  2. Add funds to your account in the Wallet page.
  3. Create a Rewards Campaign and include Crowdin as part of your campaign name. Rewards are denominated in the US dollars.

Here's an example screenshot that shows a single campaign that specifically rewards translations from Estonian to Esperanto for a specfic project. Note: your first campaign will be prefilled. Create your first prefilled campaign, then you can edit the fields and create your second campaign which has your actual Rewards Campaigns details._Setup your Crowdin Rewards Campaign at dashboard.fyncom.com in the Campaign create section

  1. Update your Webhook in your Crowdin settings page to post data to this URL. See the image below for the exact configuration.

    • https://server.fyncom.com/v2/webhooks/crowdin

    Setup your webhook in Crowdin to send events to https://server.fyncom.com/v2/webhooks/crowdin

  2. Open your file in editor view. Select the language you want and copy the URL.

  3. Send the URLvia email at suppport+crowdin@fyncom.com. Later, we will add a page into the settings of your FynCom dashboard or even in Crowdin itself, where you can paste this URL. Please bear with us as we build this out for you.

Copy the file URL from the editor page of the file you want to reward and send it to us by email

Getting Your Translators Activated

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  1. There are several Crowdin translators already active from previous FynCom campaigns. FynCom publishes each company & project file on the website. So any FynCom affiliated translators can discover your project and start translating for you.
  2. If you need to get your existing translators to sign up and know you're rewarding them, a simple email campaign, blog post, website update, or social media update works best. Just send your translators to this page, so they can get setup.

Planned Features for Future Updates

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Here are some features we have planned for the future and think you might like. However, we want to hear what features you would like and how we can best serve your needs.

  • Upload your project file URL into your FynCom dashboard page (1st feature we will add, if you like this overall idea).
  • Create Rewards of different values for each Source Language -> Target Language in a specific file.
  • A/B test different Reward values for multiple files at the same time.
  • A/B test different Reward values for multiple files/projects/languages at the same time.

To request a feature for this app – email the developer at suppport+crowdin@fyncom.com.

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Released on Dec 6, 2022

Updated on Dec 12, 2022