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Spell check your translations with Bing Spell Check API.



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Bing Spell Check allows you to perform contextual grammar and spelling checks on text. While most spell checkers rely on dictionary-based rules, Bing Spell Check uses machine learning and statistical machine translation to provide accurate and contextual corrections, and may perform better for some languages.

After installing this application, visit the Bing Spell Check settings to configure your Azure Bing Search API key. (In Azure, when creating the key, make sure to select a tier that would allow concurrent requests according to the load you expect, considering the number of projects, target languages and number of linguists that will use the spell check in Crowdin).

After configuring the API key, go to Organization Settings -> Spellcheckers to select the languages for which this spell check should be used.

After selecting the languages, all new translations in these languages will be checked by Bing Spell Check.


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Configuring Bing Spellcheck in Crowdin

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Released on Mar 5, 2024

Updated on Apr 15, 2024

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