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Spell check translations with Sapling API


Sapling Spellcheck Addon for Crowdin Enterprise

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  • AI-Powered Spellchecking: Utilize Sapling's cutting-edge AI to identify and correct spelling errors across multiple languages, enhancing the quality of your translations.

  • Spellcheck API and Edit API Support: Elevate your content with advanced editing capabilities, offering more than just spellchecking. The Edit API provides grammatical, stylistic, and contextual improvements for select languages, ensuring your text is polished and impactful.

Getting Started

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  • Installation: Once the addon is installed from the Crowdin Store, navigate to the left organization menu in your Crowdin Enterprise account and open the Sapling Spellcheck Addon.
  • API Key Configuration: Enter your Sapling API key within the addon to activate the spellchecking service. This key connects your Crowdin account with Sapling's spellcheck capabilities.
  • Language Setup: Access the Organization Settings, then go to Spell Checkers. Here, you can select the languages you wish to enable for Sapling's spellchecking. This step ensures that your chosen languages are meticulously checked for spelling accuracy.


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Sapling spellcheck in Crowdin Enterprise

Sapling Spellcheck in Crowdin Editor

Crowdin is a platform that helps you manage and translate content into different languages. Integrate Crowdin with your repo, CMS, or other systems. Source content is always up to date for your translators, and translated content is returned automatically.

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Released on Mar 19, 2024

Updated on Apr 7, 2024

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