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Monitor Crowdin Enterprise security with AWS CloudWatch.



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AWS CloudWatch is often used as part of SIEM systems. With this integration, your Crowdin Enterprise security logs can be easily exported to CloudWatch, allowing you to improve your security posture by increasing visibility into application security events.

This application only exports security logs from your Crowdin organization. Please refer to the Crowdin Help Desk to learn what events are collected there.

Important notes:

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  • Log Delivery: Please note that this integration sends security logs once every 15 minutes. There is a slight delay before security events appear in CloudWatch.
  • Monitoring Responsibility: This app provides the tools for security monitoring, but it's your responsibility to actively check the integration's health and ensure its proper configuration.
  • Error Handling: While the app displays error messages within the UI if the integration encounters issues, it does not send out notifications. Regularly monitor your CloudWatch setup to identify and address any potential problems.

Configuration Screen

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Released on Feb 7, 2024

Updated on Feb 26, 2024

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