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Compatible with
  • Crowdin
  • Crowdin Enterprise

Crowdin’s integration with Atlassian Jira allows you to keep track of issues, related to the source strings and translations, reported by users working on the project translation in Crowdin.

Once the integration is set up 4 new issues will appear in your Jira dashboard. Each of these will be responsible for a different type of issue, that can be reported in Crowdin Editor and the summaries of these issues are the following:

  • General issues reported in Crowdin
  • Lack of context issues reported in Crowdin
  • Translation issues reported in Crowdin
  • Source string issues reported in Crowdin

Each issue reported in Crowdin would automatically become a sub-task to one of the issues mentioned above, based on its type.

To connect Jira with your project in Crowdin, please follow these steps:

1. Open your project, navigate to the Integrations tab.

2. Select Jira integration, enter the base URL of your Jira project and click Set Up Integration.

3. Go to your Jira account and set up an Application Link. Note: Only project administrators can set up Application Links.

4. Go back to Crowdin and click Next in the Providing Access to Your Jira Project dialogue.

5. Allow read and write access to project data in Jira.

6. Enter the Jira project key, select and configure issue types that should be synchronized with your Jira project.

The following Jira issue settings are available:

  • Type
  • Priority
  • Assignee
  • Labels (Optional)
  • Status – when the issue status in Jira is the one you choose here, an issue in Crowdin would be resolved automatically

7. Click Save