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Automatically sets the preferred glossary and TM for all new Crowdin projects and deletes the empty ones.



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This application enables you to set a default Translation Memory (TM) and glossary for every new project you initiate in Crowdin. It functions by monitoring the creation of new projects, at which point it applies your pre-selected TM and glossary to the project, while removing any non-essential resources.

When you're setting up a new project, the "Create Project" interface will feature two additional options. These options let you decide if the project should utilize the resources you've previously configured or if it should switch to your preferred resources.

Please note that for the application to work, it creates a new organizational webhook and two custom fields. These resources will not be automatically removed upon the application's uninstallation; you will need to delete them manually.

Note: If you already manage a lot of TMs or glossaries, this application may help you reduce the amount of resources you manage.


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Configuring default TM and Glossary in Crowdin Creating Crowdin project without default TM and Glossary

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  • Crowdin Enterprise

Released on Mar 24, 2024

Updated on Mar 25, 2024

Published by Awesome Crowdin