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This app allows you to merge translation memories and glossaries and delete the unused ones.



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Whenever you create a new Crowdin project, a new empty glossary and TM are created. What companies often prefer is to have one or more glossaries and TM's that are used in many more projects. The less TM's and glossaries you have, the easier it is to maintain them.

If you prefer to reduce the number of glossaries and TM's you have, this application can be a great help. Just choose which glossary or TM will be your main one and select the TM's you want to merge into the main one and then remove.

It is not possible to remove TMs or glossaries if they are used as primary resources in one of your projects. This application would allow you to assign the new main TM and then remove the resources you don't need anymore.

Removal is also an optional step, you can use this application to create one big TM or glossary from all resources you have, while continuing to use many glossaries and TM's.

Warning! Be sure to backup all your data before merging and deleting resources. Merging TMs/glossaries is not reversible as well as deleting.

Note: Once you have merged your TMs and glossaries, you can use this app to automatically use them in the future Crowdin projects.


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Merge TM or glossary in Crowdin

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Released on Mar 24, 2024

Updated on Mar 25, 2024

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