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This application allows you to run custom code against any exported file.



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This application allows you to edit any file with your own JavaScript code after export and before download. It can be useful if you want to edit the file content before using translated resource files.


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JavaScript code is executed in a sandboxed environment with no access to I/O (file system, network) or external NPM modules.

This application will expose the following variables in the global environment:

  • content - the content of the uploaded file;
  • fileName - the name of the uploaded file;
  • projectId - Crowdin project ID;
  • languageId - target language Crowdin ID;
  • error - the error message you want to return. If set, the import will be aborted and the error message will be shown to the user;

You can edit content and fileName to make the changes you need.

Example application

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content = content.replace("Test", "Check");


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Released on Sep 23, 2023

Updated on Apr 8, 2024

Published by Awesome Crowdin