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This app allows you to configure the release schedule of your translation distributions.



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Once installed, the application will appear in the Tools section of the projects of your choice. In the application settings, you will be able to choose the frequency of the automatic release of your distributions. Available frequencies would be: every 1 hour, 3 hours, 6 hours, 12 hours and once a day. You can have multiple schedules for multiple distributions within a Crowdin project.

The app does not show the log of the releases, for that you need to check the API log of your project (Tools section).

Notice: Due to the way this app is implemented, distribution releases may occur more frequently than configured. If more frequent releases could affect your workflows, please avoid using this app.


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Automatic releases of the OTA distributions in Crowdin configuration

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Works with
  • Crowdin Enterprise
  • crowdin.com

Released on Mar 29, 2024

Updated on Apr 1, 2024

Published by Awesome Crowdin