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Search your Crowdin projects for strings, translations, files and TMs.



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This is often the case when you need to check if the obsolete term is still used in your product copy or in your translation memories. Or you remember a text but are not sure which Crowdin project it lives in. There are tons of use-cases when you need to search through all your Crowdin projects and other translation resources.

This application registers a new window in your Crowdin account called "Global Search" and does just that. It allows you to search through your source texts, keys, their context, translations, find a file by it's name, it's title or it's context or search through all your translation memories.

Note: depending on the number of projects you manage with Crowdin, the application may return a limited number of search results. If you have more than 100 projects, the app will probably show very few matches, but it will show the number of matches in each project. With a link to continue searching for each project.

Note: The search is not case-sensitive.


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Crowdin is a platform that helps you manage and translate content into different languages. Integrate Crowdin with your repo, CMS, or other systems. Source content is always up to date for your translators, and translated content is returned automatically.

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Released on Jan 9, 2024

Updated on Feb 11, 2024

Published by Awesome Crowdin