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Complete your workflow by synchronizing translatable and translated files between your JiHu GitLab repository and your Crowdin project.


JiHu GitLab Localization with Crowdin

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The JiHu GitLab integration with Crowdin allows for seamless synchronization of source and translation files between your JiHu GitLab repository and your translation project in Crowdin. This integration is specifically tailored to suit the needs of JiHu GitLab, ensuring a smooth localization process.

Key Features

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  • Automation: The integration automates the synchronization of all source and translated content between your JiHu GitLab repository and Crowdin project. This eliminates the need for manual file transfers, saving you time and effort.

  • Agile Localization: With the JiHu GitLab integration, you can keep pace with your release cycles by allowing translators to access source texts before features are made publicly available. This enables them to work on translations in advance, ensuring that localized content is ready when you roll out new features.

  • Version Management: The integration allows for seamless synchronization of existing branches from your JiHu GitLab repository with your Crowdin project. This ensures that your translations are always up to date with the latest changes in your codebase, enabling efficient version management.

  • Automatic Merge Requests: Once translation files are completed and approved in Crowdin, they will be automatically pushed as a merge request to the l10n branch in your JiHu GitLab repository. This streamlines the localization process and ensures that localized content is promptly integrated into your codebase.

By leveraging the JiHu GitLab integration with Crowdin, you can streamline your localization efforts, automate file synchronization, and ensure that your translated content aligns seamlessly with your JiHu GitLab repository.

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Released on Jul 6, 2023

Updated on Jul 6, 2023

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