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Export files as .json regardless of your source file format


What is JSON String Exporter?

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JSON String Exporter is useful when you need to generate .json resource files for your application from your Crowdin project strings. This localization approach is often used when translating one application built for several platforms. For example, you can have an app for Android, iOS and Web platforms. Most of your strings are shared, but platforms can also have their own strings.

To implement this translation strategy with Crowdin, you need to upload your strings from all your platforms to the Crowdin project, then create Bundles and use exporters to build resource files for every platform.

Bundles can then be downloaded via Crowdin UI, API or even delivered to your consumers via Crowdin OTA.

Configuring JSON String Exporter

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When creating or configuring the bundle, you will find a gear icon next to the JSON String Exporter icon; click it to fine-tune the export options.



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Feature Value
File Extension .json
API Type crowdin-json
System No
Supports pluralization No
Configurable Yes
Handles Crowdin Unified Placeholders No

Sample File

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    "identifier_1": "翻訳のための文字列 1",
    "identifier_2": "翻訳用文字列 2",
    "identifier_3": "翻訳のための文字列 3",
    "identifier_4": "String for translation 4",
    "identifier_5": " 翻訳5の文字列",
    "apples_count": "[%s] りんごformat@@1"

Note: This exporter has the ability to generate various types of JSON. It is possible to set the exporter to create an individual object for each string, including meta information. Before using the exporter, it is important to review the exporter configuration to ensure that it is set up correctly.

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Released on May 27, 2022

Updated on Sep 25, 2023

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