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Detect AI-generated localization with Originality.ai


AI-generated translation detector with Originality.ai

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Artificial intelligence is without a doubt the future of the translation business. We can expect to see increased adoption of this new technology as this helps to speed up delivery and lower costs.

Despite the benefits, AI also brings significant risks, including search engine penalties for AI-generated content, as well as brand damage due to the publication of AI hallucinations.

The Originality.ai integration for Crowdin would allow you to review your translations and verify that your translations do not have AI-generated content markers before publishing.

To use the integration, you would need to sign up for an Originality.ai account. You will also need to bring your own API key. After installing the Crowdin application, it can be found in your Crowdin project reports section. Once the application has been configured with the API key, you will be able to select the target languages and files that you would like to check. Please note that Originality.ai may not currently support all of your target languages. Please refer to the Originality.ai documentation to learn more about supported languages.


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Released on Jan 29, 2024

Updated on Jan 30, 2024

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