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Detect PII in imported files with AWS Comprehend.


About PII Detector

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The PII Detector app for Crowdin uses AWS Comprehend to scan imported files for sensitive information. It is configured through Project Settings -> File processors, allowing managers to set actions when PII is detected, such as notifying, stopping the import, or allowing it. The app checks the confidence threshold for detected PII entities, filtering based on user-defined entity types. If PII is found, it sends notifications to admins or stops the import based on the configured action. The app can only check for PII in English and Spanish languages. A small app that is a powerful tool for improving DLP and compliance.

PII Entity Types

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Entity Type Description
ADDRESS A physical address including street, building, city, state, and country.
AGE An individual's age, including quantity and unit of time.
AWS_ACCESS_KEY A unique identifier associated with a secret access key.
AWS_SECRET_KEY A unique identifier associated with an access key.
CREDIT_DEBIT_CVV A three or four-digit card verification code (CVV).
CREDIT_DEBIT_EXPIRY The expiration date for a credit or debit card.
CREDIT_DEBIT_NUMBER The number for a credit or debit card.
DATE_TIME Dates and times, including partial dates, date ranges, and intervals.
DRIVER_ID A driver's license number.
EMAIL An email address.
INTERNATIONAL_BANK_ACCOUNT_NUMBER An International Bank Account Number (IBAN).
IP_ADDRESS An IPv4 address.
LICENSE_PLATE A vehicle's license plate number.
MAC_ADDRESS A media access control (MAC) address.
NAME An individual's name.
PASSWORD An alphanumeric string used as a password.
PHONE A phone number, including fax and pager numbers.
PIN A four-digit personal identification number (PIN).
SWIFT_CODE A SWIFT code for bank identification.
URL A web address.
USERNAME A user name for an account.
VEHICLE_IDENTIFICATION_NUMBER A Vehicle Identification Number (VIN).
CA_HEALTH_NUMBER A Canadian Health Service Number (10-digit unique identifier).
CA_SOCIAL_INSURANCE_NUMBER A Canadian Social Insurance Number (SIN).
IN_AADHAAR An Indian Aadhaar (12-digit unique identification number).
IN_NREGA An Indian National Rural Employment Guarantee Act (NREGA) number.
IN_PERMANENT_ACCOUNT_NUMBER An Indian Permanent Account Number (10-digit unique alphanumeric number).
IN_VOTER_NUMBER An Indian Voter ID (three letters followed by seven numbers).
UK_NATIONAL_HEALTH_SERVICE_NUMBER A UK National Health Service Number (10-17 digit number).
BANK_ACCOUNT_NUMBER A US bank account number (typically 10 to 12 digits long).
BANK_ROUTING A US bank account routing number (typically nine digits long).
PASSPORT_NUMBER A US passport number (six to nine alphanumeric characters).
US_INDIVIDUAL_TAX_IDENTIFICATION_NUMBER A US Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN).
SSN A US Social Security Number (SSN).


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DLP & PII Detection in Crowdin

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Released on Jul 3, 2024

Updated on Jul 3, 2024

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