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Translated resource file code formatter


About Prettier in Crowdin

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Crowdin preserves formatting for most of the file formats it supports. When translating an HTML or XML file, Crowdin will use your source file to build the translated file, changing only the translated text. There are several file formats where Crowdin would create a translated file from scratch. Although translated files are always valid, the formatting may be different from what you use in your project. This application is intended to address this problem. Using Prettier, the most widely used code formatting library, this application would allow you to get your resources in the format used in your project.

NOTE: This application will process every file you have in your Crowdin project and only format the ones you have configured it to format. When installing the application, make sure you only select projects where this application will be useful.


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Prettier in Crowdin for translation files

Crowdin is a platform that helps you manage and translate content into different languages. Integrate Crowdin with your repo, CMS, or other systems. Source content is always up to date for your translators, and translated content is returned automatically.

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Released on Jul 2, 2023

Updated on Jul 3, 2023

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