Console Client (CLI)

Console Client (CLI) Free

Author Crowdin
Compatible with
  • Crowdin
  • Crowdin Enterprise

Crowdin CLI is a command line tool that allows you to manage and synchronize localization resources with your Crowdin project:

  • Automate the process of updating your source files in your Crowdin project
  • Download translations from Crowdin and automatically save them in the correct locations
  • Upload all your existing translations to Crowdin in minutes
  • Integrate Crowdin with GIT, SVN, Mercurial, and more.

This is cross-platform and it runs in a terminal on Linux based and macOS operating systems or in Command Prompt on Windows. It’s also open-source and its source code available at GitHub.


Check that you have Java 8 or newer installed. Type java -version command in the terminal (Command Prompt on Windows) to check Java version. For example, java version “1.8.0_212” means that you have Java 8 Update 212 installed.

If you don’t have Java installed, download it from Oracle’s website.