Script Editor

Script Editor Free

Author AC
Compatible with
  • Crowdin Enterprise

Crowdin Script Editor is a development and debugging tool for Crowdin Script.

Crowdin Script is a JavaScript-based scripting language used for the development of the Custom QA Checks and code snippets for the Custom Code workflow step.

What can Script Editor do?

  • Start quickly with sample code
  • Test and debug code in different contexts
  • Write Crowdin Script code and have it executed in the save environment as it will have on production
  • Validate the Requests and Responses

To connect Script Editor with your project in Crowdin Enterprise, please follow these steps: 

  1. Find Script Editor in the Marketplace section.
  2. Test expressions in Project Settings > Application > Custom > Script Editor.

To connect Script Editor with your project in Crowdin, please follow these steps: 

  1. Open Account Settings > More > Crowdin Applications.
  2. Click Install and add Manifest URL
  3. Open Project Settings > Integrations tab to customize the application.