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Review a checklist of security criteria to help you understand how well your organization is protected by Crowdin.


Key Features

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The Security Center provides a comprehensive security checklist that gives you insight into the robustness of your organization's security measures.

  • 2FA Configuration: Verify that two-factor authentication (2FA) is enabled for your account. Security at its best!

  • Public Project Alert: Receive alerts when you have public projects, helping you maintain control over your content.

  • Email Domain Verification: Ensure that all users in your Crowdin organization have email addresses ending in @crowdin.[ua|com] for added security.

  • Inactive User Tracking: Stay informed about users who haven't logged in in the last 90 days, so you can effectively manage your user base.

  • Admin Rights Oversight: Keep track of the number of administrators in your organization and maintain a healthy balance of access rights.

  • Offline Translations Monitoring: Get alerted if you have projects with offline translations activated. Protect your content as the Security Center helps you track translators who may download your content for processing in third-party tools.

Please Note: While the Security Center provides invaluable insights, it's essential to remember that it doesn't cover all aspects of security. For a holistic approach to security, consider additional checks such as configuring SAML, implementing mandatory 2FA, and monitoring third-party applications that can access your Crowdin data.


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Security & Identity
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  • Crowdin Enterprise

Released on Sep 25, 2023

Updated on Nov 28, 2023

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