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AI-powered SRX Rules Editor



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This is rarely the case when you need to create all segmentation rules from scratch. What typically happens is that you either have to tweak the default segmentation rules or create a rule for your custom SRX. Because SRX editors typically require a high level of technical expertise, the simple task can become a challenge.

This application is designed to solve that problem. A super simple interface to experiment with segmentation or create one or a few segmentation rules.

Provide a test string and start experimenting with regular expressions to achieve the segmentation you need. The app also comes with experimental AI integration. Write your prompt to ask the machine for help creating your segmentation rule.

How to use rules

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If you are using custom segmentation in your Crowdin project, use beforeBreak and afterBreak to create an XML entry for the SRX file you have.

Another way to apply custom segmentation to your content in Crowdin is to use the Segmentation Rules Generator application. The application would allow you to apply segmentation rules to one, multiple or even future files of your Crowdin project.


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Released on Aug 8, 2023

Updated on May 2, 2024

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