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Create Crowdin Editor themes super easy



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This app allows you to create custom themes for the Crowdin Editor by editing the Themes JSON directly.


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  • Integrated JSON Editor: Edit the Crowdin Theme template with a user-friendly JSON editor.
  • Live Preview: Preview your theme changes as you make them.

Please Note

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  • This app provides a tool for creating themes, but does not publish them directly to the Crowdin Store.
  • To publish or share your theme, you will need to contact Crowdin Support or obtain a Developer account.

How to Use

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Refer to the Crowdin Developer Portal for information on creating themes and theme properties.

  • Install this app.
  • Find this app in the Crowdin Editor.
  • Edit the theme properties using the JSON editor.
  • Preview your changes to see the updated theme.

Publishing Themes

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To publish your theme, contact Crowdin Support with:

  • Theme name
  • Short description
  • Screenshot of the Editor with your theme applied
  • The theme's JSON code


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For assistance with the app, theme creation, and publishing your theme, contact Crowdin Support.


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Works with
  • Crowdin Enterprise

Released on Mar 12, 2024

Updated on Apr 7, 2024

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