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Edit TM translations directly in the Editor.


About the TM QuickFix application

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Crowdin has a native feature that allows project managers to edit the TM directly in the translation editor. Editing TM records is the way to maintain TM quality, whenever the preferred terminology changes, entity names like product names change, it's always great to introduce these changes to the TM to keep getting the maximum out of it.

Note: This is not the TM editor for TM maintenance, this is a small helper to fix TM issues that linguists may find while working on translation projects.


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When installed, this application will be displayed in the Translation Editor. Be sure to carefully select which linguists should have access to it.

How it works

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When using the application, you can search by entering a query in the search bar or simply press the search icon to find TM records related to the current query.

To change a TM record, click the edit icon next to the TM phrase you want to change. A popup will display the source and target text.

Things to Note

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  • The search returns up to 100 TM records.
  • TM records must have a minimum concordance score of 70%.
  • Concordance searches are performed on the source texts in the TM only.
  • You may need to refresh the page after editing a TM record to see the updates in the Crowdin editor.
  • Editing the source text is not allowed.
  • You can only edit TM records in the target language you're currently working on.
  • The search field automatically updates with the text of the current segment when switching between segments.


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Edit TM record app in Crowdin Edit translation memory record in the Crowdin Editor

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Released on Mar 17, 2024

Updated on Apr 7, 2024

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