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AI Detector tool by ZeroGPT


AI-generated translation detector with ZeroGPT

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With significant improvements in speed and cost-efficiency, AI localization is poised to reshape the translation industry.

However, AI also brings with it significant challenges, such as the potential for search engine penalties for AI-generated content, and the risk of tarnishing your brand due to AI inaccuracies.

By integrating ZeroGPT with Crowdin, you could vet your translations to ensure they are free of AI-generated content indicators before going live.

To take advantage of this integration, you'll need to sign up for a ZeroGPT account and provide your own API key. After installing the Crowdin application, you can find it in the Reports section of your Crowdin project. After setting it up with your API key, you'll be able to select the specific languages and documents to examine.


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Released on Jan 29, 2024

Updated on May 2, 2024

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