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Override Crowdin's automatic file type identification


Modify File Types and Extensions with Crowdin File Type Modifier

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App description

Crowdin File Type Modifier is a simple app that allows you to change the file type and extension of a file when you upload it to Crowdin. This is useful if you want to use a specific importer for a file, or if you want to override Crowdin's automatic file type identification.

The app supports wildcard file extensions, so you can specify a pattern for the files that you want to modify. For example, you could specify .*\.txt to modify all text files, or .*\.xml to modify all XML files.

The app also supports changing the file extension. This is useful if you want to keep the same file content, but you want the file to be imported as a different type. For example, you could change a .htm file to a .xml file so that it can be imported as an WEBXML file.

Note: If you want to change the file extension back to the original when downloading translated files, you can use another app, such as the Regex Content Processor.


  • Change the file type (importer) of a file when you upload it to Crowdin.
  • Change the file extension of a file when you upload it to Crowdin.
  • Support for wildcard file extensions.
  • To handle different file types in one Crowdin project, you can have multiple import rules.


  • After installing the application, please make sure to select only projects where it will be useful and used. Otherwise, the application might interfere with file upload in projects where it's not needed.
  • Go to the Tools section of your project and find the Import Rules creation application.

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Released on Jul 15, 2023

Updated on Jul 18, 2024

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