Grunt Free

Author Crowdin
Compatible with
  • Crowdin
  • Crowdin Enterprise

Use Grunt with Crowdin CLI to automate your frequent localization tasks such as uploading source files and downloading translations. 


In order to use Grunt with Crowdin CLI:

  1. Create a project in Crowdin via UI or using API.
  2. Once you create a project, you’ll need the Project ID (Project > Integrations > API) and API token (Profile Settings > API > New Token).
  3. Your app must have a configuration file crowdin.yml (with Project ID and API token from your Crowdin project).
  4. Install Crowdin CLI.

Setting up the grunt-exec plugin allows you to execute shell commands:

  • Upload source files to Crowdin pass this command to grun-exec

crowdin upload sources

  • Download latest translations from Crowdin pass command

crowdin download


More information about Crowdin CLI commands.