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The Screenshots Preview app is a practical solution designed to improve translation accuracy and efficiency. It addresses a common challenge faced by translators: the need for context when translating an app's UI copy. Unlike the default Crowdin editor, which presents screenshots as small thumbnails that require additional clicks to view in detail, this app conveniently displays all screenshots in the right pane of the editor. This approach provides translators with instant visual context, making the translation process more intuitive and accurate.

In addition, the app goes a step further by attempting to render the translator's text directly into the screenshots. Although the rendering is an approximation - guessing at font color, size, and background - it gives an idea of how the translated text will fit into the final product. This feature is particularly useful for ensuring that text fits aesthetically and functionally within the UI design.

Key features include

  • Sidebar display of screenshots for quick, click-free access.
  • Real-time rendering of translations in the context of the UI.
  • Automatic approximation of font and background colors for a realistic preview.

The app is designed to be straightforward and practical, focusing on improving the translation workflow without unnecessary frills. It's an ideal tool for project managers and translators looking for a more efficient, contextual translation environment.

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Released on Nov 30, 2023

Updated on Nov 30, 2023

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