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Localize Shopify app strings with ease


Shopify i18n Strings translation with Crowdin

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This application allows you to localize Shopify storefronts and apps using Shopify's proprietary JSON localization format.

This application is only intended for developers of Shopify applications. If you are looking for a way to translate your Shopify store content, please use the Shopify connector.

NOTE: When installing the app, be sure to select the project where the app will be useful. Otherwise, the app will process every JSON file you upload to Crowdin.

File Format Details

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Attribute Value
File Extension .json
API Type shopify-i18n-strings
Source can be edited in Crowdin No
Generating translated files via Bundles Search Crowdin Store
Supports pluralization Yes
WYSIWYG Preview in the editor No
Supported types of contextual information Text comments, Screenshots, In-Context
Custom attributes No
Existing translations import possibility Key-value mapping

Sample File

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  "loyaltyPoints": {
    "one": "You have {{formattedPoints}} loyalty point",
    "other": "You have {{formattedPoints}} loyalty points"
  "balanceRemaining": "Your balance is {{formattedBalance}}"
File Formats
Works with
  • Crowdin Enterprise

Released on Jul 1, 2023

Updated on Jul 3, 2023

Published by Awesome Crowdin