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Synchronize TM from Crowdin to Trados and back


The Trados TM Sync app is created to be used when you already have Trados app installed. This integration allows you to manage your translation memories by synchronizing TM from Crowdin to Trados and back.

Setting up the Trados TM Sync connector

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Install the app right from this page by clicking install or via Crowdin Store within your Crowdin account. Once you install this app, you will find it in your project in the left-hand section, under Trados tab.

For authorisation in Trados, please enter your Language Cloud Account ID, Client ID and Client Secret.


To obtain your Account ID, click on the profile dropdown in Trados, select "Manage Account" from the dropdown menu, look for the Trados Account ID in the account information tab. Screenshot

For steps on generating your Client ID and Client Secret, refer to the official Language Cloud API Service Credentials page.

How to manage TMs

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Before synchronizing TMs, you need to create them.

Before you create a TM, you have to do the Editing field templates and Editing segment fields .

After configuring the required fields, you can add a TM.


TM source languages must match in both Crowdin, and Trados.

import TMs by language pairs, Source ↔︎ Target. When several Target languages are selected, they will be synchronized one by one.


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Released on Feb 2, 2024

Updated on Apr 7, 2024

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