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Send content to Trados, sync translations back to Crowdin.


You can work both in Crowdin and Trados

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This integration allows you to manage your translation process in Crowdin and send content for translation to Trados. Once the translations are finished, they can be retrieved back to Crowdin and you can continue with your automation workflows.


Integration between Crowdin and Trados allows linguists to access contextual information from both systems. For example, if a segment in Crowdin has a screenshot, linguists in Trados will be able to see it. Linguists can also collaborate with project members in Crowdin by leaving comments at the segment level. This type of collaboration helps linguists to make fewer assumptions about context and to request context when needed.

Setting up the Trados connector

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Install the app right from this page by clicking install or via Crowdin Store within your Crowdin account. Once you install this app, you will find it in your project in the left-hand section, under Trados tab.

For authorisation in Trados, please enter your Language Cloud Account ID, Client ID and Client Secret. Screenshot

To obtain your Account ID, click on the profile dropdown in Trados, select "Manage Account" from the dropdown menu, look for the Trados Account ID in the account information tab. Screenshot

For steps on generating your Client ID and Client Secret, refer to the official Language Cloud API Service Credentials page.

Creating a project in Trados

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Trados app can send files from Crowdin project for translation and receive the results. Files from various data sources could have been previously uploaded to Crowdin using different connectors from Trados project serves as the destination point for files, which can be created using templates or workflows.


It is possible to choose from a list of existing projects in Trados.

Source and target languages of Crowdin <-> Trados projects must match. We display projects with statuses: new, inProgress.

When creating a Trados project with a certain number of languages, for example: Spanish, Polish, and after the project has already been created on the Trados side, if a French language is added to the Crowdin project, then this language will be skipped during synchronization and will not be displayed in the list of files.

Sync to Trados

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In Trados, an XLIFF file containing only untranslated strings is transferred. The file goes through the Trados workflow, resulting in the creation of another file that is ready for translation. This process is repeated for each target language.

Screenshot Upon sync re-launch, if no new strings have been added, the file will not be sent for translation. Edited strings in Crowdin will not be re-sent.

When new strings are added to the file from the Crowdin side, a new file is created on the Trados side during synchronization. The file name includes the file revision at the time of synchronization, name(en->uk)_2.xliff, where 2 is the file revision in Crowdin. The current file revision can be viewed in the Sources section of the Crowdin project.

In the app, the status next to the file in the right panel displays the status of the corresponding task automatically created for each file in Trados.

File statuses, Trados side

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  • New - the file has been imported and is ready to work on, but has not yet been taken into work.
  • In Progress - taken into work (download translations from Trados to Crowdin is possible).
  • Completed - completed (download translations from Trados to Crowdin is possible).
  • Processing - the file has been added to Trados, meaning the source file has been created and is going through the workflow (translated and various tasks, then the target file is generated, which can then be translated).
  • Canceled - the file has been canceled for translation, even if it has started to be translated and then canceled, we skip these files during synchronization, meaning translations do not end up in the database.
  • Failed - during the import process, the file failed, there may be a problem with the file or the segment is too large or some other issue.

When we hover over the status, a pop-up with an error will be displayed, from which you can understand whether the problem is on the part of Trados or the problem on the part of Crowdin (for example, we sent a file that exceed certain limits of strings count).

Sync to Crowdin

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Just press the Sync button, Crowdin will handle everything. Translations, that are equal to the source, will also be imported.

File statuses, Crowdin side:

  • double checkmark - files sent for translation to Trados from Crowdin in all languages
  • single checkmark - file sent for translation to Trados from Crowdin in certain languages
  • crossed double checkmark - the file has been updated on the Crowdin side. You can try to synchronize new strings in Trados in all languages
  • crossed single checkmark - changes from Crowdin are not synchronized in Trados in certain languages

When we update the file on the Crowdin side without adding a strings, the revision will change, and the crossed checkmark icon will also be displayed, because it depends on the file update date.


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There is an option to enable it for all new files starting from the root folder or for specific folders. Auto-sync can be enabled only for specific files that already exist as well. Screenshot

Combine all files in Crowdin as one in Trados by language

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In order to reduce the number of files in Trados, all new changes can be combined into one XLIFF in the settings.

Translation memory sync

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The Trados TM Sync app is created to be used when you already have Trados app installed. This integration allows you to manage your translation memories by synchronizing TM from Crowdin to Trados and back.

Dynamic Preview Trados extension

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The Dynamic Preview extension for Trados significantly improves the quality of translations by providing a seamless What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG) preview for text documents. In addition, for key-value file formats, it provides the ability to display string usage examples using actual application screenshots, uploaded in Crowdin. This functionality allows translators to see how each string is used in context, improving accuracy.

The Dynamic Preview extension only works for files synchronized with Crowdin via this integration. Screenshot For assistance with the installation of this plugin, please contact support.

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