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Game localization (Translation and LQA)

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A localization support product developed specially for game localization. Display the game screen on the Crowdin grid and edit the game text in real time. By streamlining the process from translation to LQA, WOVN.games can simultaneously improve translation quality and significantly reduce costs and lead times.


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  • Easy integration in just 3 step.
  • Instantly reflect text modified by the translation team (translators, proofreaders, reviewers) on the game screen and edit without the need for rebuilding game.
  • Check and create bug tickets while performing LQA on actual devices.


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  • Faster lead time to launch: Streamline the translation to LQA process and improve work efficiency.
  • Improve translation quality: View screenshots of the game screen while translating to enable high-quality translations that are faithful to the world of the game.


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  • Real-time translations.
  • Screenshots.
  • LQA text check/bug ticket creation.


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  • Sign up for WOVN.games.
  • Install WOVN.games.

    Install WOVN SDK into your game development environment.

  • Add Chrome extension.

    Please contact us to add "Wovn.games CAT tools Integration" from Chrome Web Store.

Exchange file format

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  • CSV.
  • XLIFF.

Compatible game engines

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  • Unity.
  • Unreal Engine.

WOVN.games Features

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Switch your Crowdin window to WOVN.games to have full access to WOVN.games features.

01_Real-time translation Translate text while playing the game, with immediate updates.

02_Translate texts with screenshots Detect target screen from grid text and edit on the spot.

03_Streamline LQA workflow Conduct LQA test by playing on the game device and report any corrections or bugs directly.

For more information of WOVN.games, please click the 'View guide' button to 'Contact Us'.
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  • Crowdin Enterprise
  • crowdin.com

Released on Apr 10, 2024

Updated on Jun 20, 2024

Published by Wovn Technologies, Inc.