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Multi-column translation in multilingual CSV and XLSX



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The application implements a custom file format for Crowdin to translate specially structured CSV and XLSX spreadsheets that are multilingual, i.e. contain source and multiple target languages, and have one or more columns for translation and the corresponding column number for the target languages.

After installing the application on Crowdin, it will register a new file format and a menu item in the Tools section of the Crowdin project. A client can configure how to handle their spreadsheets, which columns to translate and where to store translations. The app would also allow for multiple configurations if a Crowdin project contains multiple spreadsheet files with different data structures. When configuring the import, an application would allow to configure how many rows at the top of the file are header rows, also would allow to configure which column contains context, a useful information that can help translators to get more context.


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multilingual spreadsheet translation with multiple translatable columns

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Works with
  • Crowdin Enterprise

Released on Aug 30, 2023

Updated on Dec 8, 2023

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